Welcome Welcome! Let me formally introduce myself...I am Lady T, the Founder of this website you are on right now!

So what am I about? I am a striving Proverbs 31 Woman, I am not perfect and probably never will be, but my good Lord sees all my efforts to be come perfect and will reward me diligently! (Amen) 

I started a YouTube journey documenting things that happen in my life that show my walk through faith, obstacles and challenges inclusive! Have a look round my channel and hopefully a video or 2 will bless you or encourage you!

Look forward to us becoming a YouTube family!

I have decided to be 'intentional' about my life, my faith, my business and many other areas. So I would like to share with you books and tools I use to support this part of my journey. Feel free to purchase them and be 'intentional' about your journey. 

I have always struggled 'reading', meaning that I tend to want to dose off as soon as I pick up a book! (bad right!) but just recently I have discovered audio 'reading' and I love it!!! I can do it on the go, I can rewind to specific parts its amazing! I am currently reading different books of the bible with my family church and I have found reading The Bible Experience version excites my reading even more!!! The characters really bring it life!