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So we all start new years with resolutions, whether it is to lose weight or to read a Proverb a day...yes! I went there, because we have all done it and not stuck to it! But this year, a group of awesome ladies got together to Chop'n'Plan, so a relaxed atmosphere and food to talk about things we want to do in 2019 and be held accountable for. It was a really cool afternoon, women spoke up about their fears, like the fear of starting a 'side hustle', the fear of proving family wrong and loads more. It was a real eye opener day and guess what...we aint stopping there! We are getting together again in May to see 'where we at' with the things we said we were going to do/start. This year, this will be a bunch of beautiful women making sure they are being INTENTIONAL! Do you want to join us at the next meet up? It's never too late to join the accountable-train! Email us for more information about it at p31printed@gmail.com

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