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Probably one of the scariest things for women is the 'C' word. If/when it comes, all sorts of things run through our mind. But I want to STOP your mind right there! 

Hello! We have something we call FAITH, we believe in an amazing 'being' called CHRIST. So why do we worry?

The bible tells us God has not given us the spirit of fear BUT of a sound mind! So we hold on to that and trust God. 

Don't get us wrong, listen to medics, do what you are advise to do but carry your Faith along with you. Never drop it. 

Here at P31 HQ, we are doing something special, we have designed a range of clothing and accessories to SHAME THE DEVIL and shout out that we are FEARLESS and our Faith will override any fear we may have around the 'C' word.


A percentage of EVERY sale will go to charities that work tirelessly in supporting and educating women/communities on Breast Cancer.  

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